Leonard completed a number of factory automation projects at a Dupont plant that was a mutual customer of ours. The projects were always technically sound and he remains highly recommended by a number of the engineers working at the facility.
— Doug Brock (Rockwell Area Manager)
Leonard was, and is, an outstanding technical resource who has the ability to resolve complex and time critical issues around programming and system architecture. He also has the commercial business sense to understand the client issues that are only indirectly related to the technical issues at hand.
He has since developed great strategic business knowledge and the ability to manage sophisticated financial and market-based issues. His knowledge and skills in business, technology, and real estate are top-notch.
— Jay Albright (Regional Manager Apptio)
In more than 20 years in the industry, Leonard Knight is the best PLC guru I have worked with. He is highly expert with Allen-Bradley PLCs and has a thorough grasp of customers’ needs. He has brought together a team of people to make sure all aspects of his projects are done to his high standards.
He always keeps an even keel no matter how critical the situation or how upset anyone around him becomes. This is an especially valuable asset during factory startups, where stress can bring out the worst in equipment, software, and people.
Leonard’s business interests are wide-ranging and well executed. I would gladly enter into any type of business venture with him.
— Bonnie Huval (President Seneschal Inc.)